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About Us

Doing What’s Best for Our Clients for 30 Years

HCM Wealth Advisory Group, LLC, is a full-service financial advisory firm located in Hanover, PA. Initially founded in 1992 as Hanover Capital Management, we’ve been providing financial services for our clients for 30 years.

Our Primary Purpose

We work with businesses and individuals alike, handling accounts of all types and portfolios of all sizes, and working with clients throughout Pennsylvania and across the country.

If our 30 years of service to our clients has taught us anything, it’s the importance of being consistent and dependable. As fiduciary financial advisors, we’re committed to always doing what’s best for you. No matter how your life changes or the market shifts, we will continue to manage your finances with the same care and consideration with which we would manage our own.

Empowering Our Clients through Financial Education

We believe that our clients should be active participants in their own financial strategies and investment decisions.

Client Centered

We don’t simply design the strategy or portfolio and expect blind trust in our recommendations. We help ensure that you understand why we’re making these recommendations, how they align with your goals, and what your other options are, so you can feel completely confident in your financial strategy.

Through straightforward financial discussions and a solid financial plan, we ensure that our clients feel confident in their ability to pursue their goals.

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